Alma de Tango Quartet

"Patrissia Cuberos, writer and creator…. in addition to perceptively written short monologues, she sings… in a deep, moving voice…  The music is terrific and the tall, indomitable Malena is a memorable figure." David Bellan, Oxford Times


"Written and directed by, as well as starring, Patrissia Cuberos…. Musically the performance was splendid…. the beautiful singing of Patrissia…. in eight songs of love, madness, loss and regret"
                                                                                    Oxford Daily Information



Woman of Shadow, Woman of Light

 The Play is a glimpse into the story of a woman born, like the Tango, at the dawn of the 20th Century.

It focuses on the moral and spiritual conflict and resolution between her Catholic upbringing and her enforced years working as a prostitute. A conflict often exposed and brought to life in tango lyrics and in the dance itself.

The timeless chasm between social mores and destitution, ideals and harsh realities, is set up against the backdrop of the hypocritical Society of 1920/30s  Buenos Aires.

Through narrative and song, questions and answers between the audience and the performer, the story of Malena emerges, like all real stories, always different, yet always the same.

A rich heiress, only daughter of a ruthless Land Owner, the spoilt 16-year old, after the discovery of her sinful love affair with young Rodrigo, is cast out to live on the streets.  She spends the next 7 years of her life in a brothel learning the harsh realities of life and death, and the manifold possibilities of love and redemption.

At the time the audience meets her, Malena, after a failed suicide attempt and having perhaps found love again, is trying to come to terms with all those conflicting strands and with what seems so far to have been her fate.

Ultimately life and death, good and bad, shadow, and light, will create the full colour, the whole picture of the woman, through the prism of hope.


The Tango Malena, has been a long term obsession and it has given birth to two full length sold out plays, and a novel.

This new exploration of Malena as a Woman of Shadow and Light, will see the first light at the Edinburgh Fringe this year.