Alma de Tango Quartet

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All arrangements belong to Alma de Tango Quartet. Note that the CD's share some of the track listings, and that these are, for the most part, different performances/interpretations of the same pieces, so you are getting your money's worth!

Lyrics:, Some Tango sites have translations, but I am happy to send you one for any song if you drop me a line at

You can also chose to make a contribution to the artists involved at the bottom of the page. (I am forever an optimist... although regarding money matters, I am feeling beaten!) will be gratefully accepted.

Technical Assistant's notes (listening/downloading instructions):

Hi, all! Patrissia's lackey/mule/slave/live-in-nerd here. Just some basic instructions for the not-so-internet-literate of you out there who wish to either stream (listen to online without downloading) or download (to keep) the audio files below.

To stream the music, you can simply left-click on the file name as you normally would and the track will play. Bare in mind though, that this will take you away from this page, so if you wish to continue browsing, or "surfing the net with your homies" (not actual internet user vernacular) while enjoying the music, simply right click on the title of the particular track and select "Open Link in New Tab" (or "New Window", if you prefer.)

To download the music for free... Totally yours to own at no obligatory cost *wipes a single tear of joy from cheek*, once again, right click on the track title, but this time select "Save Link As...". A box will appear where you can select where on your computer you would like the file to be saved. Go to your desired file path, and click "Save". Congratulations you now have some free music! Enjoy in the knowledge that you got it using entirely non-criminal means.

Tangonga a la Rumba

£ 5.99 

A fun, yet evocative mix of music to dance like crazy or to cuddle in the best romantic style. PP included

Tango: A History of Passion

£ 5.99 

And Tango Music is as passionate as ever through the fiery interpretation of Alma de Tango, led by Patrissia Cuberos. With Liz Cowdrey on the Violin, Matthew Sullivan on the Flamenco guitar and Matt Watson on doble Bass.

Woman of Shadow, Woman of Light

£ 5.99 

Malena's story, inspired by Homero Manzi's immortsl lyrics, has been the subjecy of 4 plays and a novel - work in progress - over the last 9 years. Here all other Tangoes that have given life to the variety of characters and stories that populated my story and the birth of Tango in Argentina.

Tracks For Streaming/Download

Milonga Triste

Music: Sebastian Piana, Lyrics: Homero Manzi (1929)


Music: Osmar Maderna, Lyrics: Homero Exposito   (1949)

A Media Luz

Music: Edgardo Donato, Lyrics: Carlos Cesar Lenzi (1924)

Milonga de Corralon

Music: Horacio Quintana, Lyrics: Arturo De La Torre (1969)


Music: Astor Piazzolla, Lyrics: Patrissia Cuberos